People watching

One thing I have enjoyed doing since I was a child is people watching. People are so fascinating. When I was in high school, a friend and I used to just go to the mall to "stop and gawk". Is there any place better people people watch than the escalator in the mall??

This weekend our neighborhood had a community yard sale. This is another great time to people watch. I find it fascinating the things that people feel are worth checking out. I love watching then ponder over what they would do with a specific item. Then question the price, do they try to haggle or just take it at the value placed upon it? Do they carry the item around for a while only to put it back without even asking the price? Do they look at a variety of items or stop and look at just one?

We had a few people come up and ask questions that you just want to say... ummmm hello! One man walked past 2 chairs to get to us only to say "Are you selling any furniture?"

One lady was looking at a candle in a ceramic dish. She took the top off and smelled the candle and then asked..."Is it a candle?" "Have you used it?" Hellloooo, are we looking at the same candle with white wicks?

Then there are the people who you can tell are professional yard sale-rs. We had one guy who came up and was looking for guns, ammunition, fishing equipment, or gold (preferably broken jewelry). What an odd combination! When we said no, he handed me a business card in case we "found some."

We had out a few boxes full of boxes of Cherished Teddies. I had a few out of the boxes, but we didn't want to unpack them because that would be a lot of work. One pair of ladies came in and bought about 15 of them including a few of the opened ones. Another lady came at the same time and said, "You know you should have some of these out so people can see what they are." The lady who was getting the previously opened one said "Oh, I'm sorry I took your open one." I was like... no problem. I opened up another box. But the lady who wanted them opened, opened one too and said "Here I am doing your job for you." Hellllooo do you see the one I just opened??

Oh the joys of people watching. I could go on and on about wondering if people use a mirror in the morning, but that is for a whole other post. Or I could post about going to a football game and seeing what people think is "appropriate" attire for a football game, but that's another day.

I say everyone should take a few minutes each time they go out to just stop and laugh!



  1. You are so funny! I LOVE to people watch.. regardless if it's for a "what tha" kinda moment or a "awww how sweet" moment.. It's still so interesting to just sit and watch.

    YES! People should have more mirrors in their home and esp one by the door before they walk out. Yikes!

  2. That is to funny. It reminded me of the Jay Walking on the Jay Leno Show!!!

  3. I enjoy watching people too. They are interesting to say the least.

  4. I also love to people watch!

    I often wonder when I'm driving where everyone else is going???

    Ummmm...guns and gold? That's a first.

  5. interesting...i wonder about people sometimes too!

  6. Oh I am an avid people watcher. It's more like an addiction. The problem; my hubby doesn't even notice that other people exist and that ticks me off. I'll see something and want to comment on it (you know once they're out of ear shot) and I'll ask him if he saw it and he hadn't noticed anything. The trick to people watching is to have a fellow people watcher. It's so much better that way! Glad you enjoyed yourself!


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