random weekend thoughs


1. I wish that this country did not lose the closeness and united feelings that came about after 9/11.

2. Richard and I are going out to dinner tonight to Texas de Brazil... I hope it is worth it

3. Colby has been congested on and off this week... I chalked this up to teething

4. Blake had a terrible night sleep last night, guess what... he's congested now!

5. Lots of outside time in the sandbox means more laundry... and sandy floors. Oh well the boys love it!

6. Watching Blake play computer games made for preschoolers and kindergartners wows me at times

7. Hearing Blake put more and more sounds together and form words pleases me

8. Watching Colby learn to sign and start to say words is exciting

9. Packing up the baby things and selling/donating them means space for more stuff

10. A new day, a new week... bring it!


  1. Hope you guys have a wonderful time out tonight!!!! Sounds like a well deserved break.

    Love that Blake is doing so well and Colby is starting to babble...amazing how quickly they're growing up.

  2. Hope dinner is very relaxing!!

    I am so glad to hear the boys are doing well with talking. So exciting thaat they are signing!

  3. Yummy! Have a good dinner. I agree with the computer games. It is so neat to see my preschooler play them.

  4. Hope you have a great dinner! We're getting rid of some baby things too.. Feels great!

  5. Hope you guys have a great time tonight, can't wait to hear all about it.

  6. Oh oh oh....be sure to go the Texas de Brazil website and sign up for coupons....I get 50% coupons all the time for there....and still can't talk Jason into taking me, lol. Enjoy! Can't wait to hear how it was!
    And YAY for Blake AND Colby!Hope your little guys start feeling and sleeping better for you!

  7. i just had a garage sale and got rid of alot of stuff...my kids went to other people's garage sales and bought more stuff. Ugh.


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