Refrigerator raid

A few weeks ago I did a pantry raid for you. I scoured my pantry to share with you my do's and don't's of generic food items. I decided to go deep fridge diving and see what I had to share from there.

As with the pantry, I find most single ingredient foods work best as generic foods.

Generic Foods that work:
sour cream
cheese (shredded, brick and sliced)
deli meat (from the deli)
french fries
garlic bread
ice cream

Brand name only please:
cottage cheese
orange juice (I don't like oj from concentrate)

What refrigerator items do you buy as generics??


  1. milk, yogurt, cheese, ketchup, mustard, relish, salad dressing, i do have generic oj(but we like the "real" stuff better), apple juice

  2. sour cream, cottage cheese, block cheese, deli meat, margarine, sauces (stir-fry sauce, etc.), juice, yogurt.

  3. I do this thing called the grocery game, with coupons, so we can afford to almost buy all name brand and actually save money. I do buy generic butter and milk sometimes because it is still cheaper.

  4. I have recently started to buy using coupons so I am able to buy many brand name things and actually spend less than buying generic. However, I do buy my milk generic.

  5. Here, we don't get a lot of opportunity to buy generic items like, butter or milk. Generic cheese usually isn't very good, but sour cream is fine.

  6. I buy Milk, eggs, shredded cheese, but not singles they have to be Kraft. Ketchup & sour cream, That's about it.

  7. I am with you on the cottage cheese... I am so picky about it...


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