To say that life is busy right now is an understatement! Richard has been working crazy hours the last few weeks and it is just going to get worse. He has a big conference the week after Thanksgiving and has to spend most of next week at the Orlando Convention Center preparing for it. We were looking at his schedule the other night and I just had to laugh (either laugh or cry right?).

Let me back up and say this past week he worked late twice and when I say late I mean one night he got home around 9:15pm and the other he got home around 7:15pm. On time lately is 6:15/6:30, even though he would prefer to get home 5:30ish. Friday he only worked until 1pm and that isn't because he was done with work, it was because I had a dentist appointment and he had to come watch the boys. I would have gladly put off my appointment, but I'm not sure putting off fixing a cracked tooth would have been a good idea.

Richard is off to the last UCF home game today. I choose to stay home with the boys since they both are still slightly under the weather and I don't want to expose my parents to the germs since my dad is just recovering from bronchitis and my mom has enough on her plate. (Her mother was just put into hospice house on Thursday)

Richard has to go in for 3-4 hours on Sunday. He will be working until at least 7:00pm on Monday... but my guess is it will be more like 8pm. Tuesday he has a "normal" day and then Wednesday he is out to the convention center. He has Thursday off and then is back for a full day at the convention center Friday and Saturday. He has to go back for 2 hours on Sunday.

The week after he is back at his office Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday he has to work at the convention and then Thursday and Friday he is back for tear down of their display. Blake starts speech at the neighborhood school on that Friday. Then that weekend the neighborhood near us has their big holiday festival with a craft fair and parade and all that jazz.

Busy... no we aren't busy... isn't this life as normal??


  1. Wow girl you are so busy. Richard is working like crazy mad hours. I hope the boys feel better & that Richard has fun at the game.

  2. That was my husband last year around this time. He was gone all the time, he even missed our youngest 1st birthday, it was sad! Things are better this year, but they can always get crazy soon!

    Hope you all can manage!

  3. Oh man...that is no fun when hubby is working late! I really hate it when my hubs is late home! I need that adult interaction by 5:30!

    Hope it all goes well!

  4. Busy doesn't begin to explain that schedule!!!! I think there needs to be a stronger word created in the english language for that description!


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