sick and tired

Ever notice that sick and tired always go together? Ok how many moms also know that they are tired even if they aren't the one who is sick?? (I see you all raising your hands... I know I do!)

This has been the week of the never ending head cold here. Blake got it first, then Richard, then Colby and then guess what... I got it too! Here's how it goes... Blake gets it and then sleeps fitfully the first two nights. Guess who also doesn't get a good night sleep? Richard then gets it, but he at least takes some Nyquil so he does sleep. Then Colby has a terrible night sleep... guess Colby's getting it too. Oh and that means I'm up again! Are you counting yet... less than a week... three nights of crappy sleeping/sleeping on the couch if at all... guess what that means.... a tired Mommy who now can't fight it either.

The boys and I have had lots of do nothing days this week just cause I'm pretty much too tired to function. Blake has actually had THREE naps this week. Colby isn't napping as well cause he is congested.

So both boys' beds are propped up on blocks. Vicks is applied every night to chests, backs and feet (now if only Blake would wear his socks it might work better). There are lots of tissues being used and lots of hand washing going on (especially mine since I had to wipe all that snot).

I can't complain too much as they only have head colds... no fever, no vomit, no green snot... you know you needed to know all that!

I just wish they didn't have to share all these lovely germs and restless nights with me.


  1. We all have been sick and then recovering, and then sick again! I hate how moms seems to be the last ones to get sick. By that time everyone is better and crazy because they have been in the house for a week.

  2. Oh no...hope everyone gets to feeling better and sleeping more!! A sick, tired kiddo is no fun, especially when you are sick and tired too!!

  3. YEEESSSS, I feel your pain. I am currently recovering from a cold which the boys had first. I hate the first few nights of a cold - no sleep! Of course they are feeling better now while I'm stuck with this thing.
    Hope you are all feeling better soon!

  4. We have the cold here too. Mike brought it home from work, gave it to me, and Ryan has it now. I have wiped his nose a bazillion times today...ugh. Hope it leaves your house soon!

  5. Never fun having sick babies! Let along a sick hubby... And then being sick yourself? You're in my thoughts. :) Leala has 2 ear infections and I'm getting sick now too.. And we have the lovely fevers and green boogies! Yay!

  6. Yuck, hope everyone feels better soon.


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