It was interesting going back and looking at the pictures of Blake over the last three years. It brought back a lot of memories. It also made me step back and realize how much things have changed. Not only in Blake's life, but in my views of parenthood.

Before having kids, it is very easy to watch children and parents and say "I'd never..." "My child would never..." and similar comments. Even having been a teacher, there were times when I thought "how could you let your child..."

Now that I'm a mother of two toddler, two strong willed toddlers, I realize that sometimes you have to pick your battles. Sometimes you can't "make your child" do things. That even when you know what is best, even when you know what you want for your child... you don't always get what you want.

I have come to realize that I can't make my children like the things I think are best for them. I have two children who are picky eaters, a 3 year old who doesn't nap and hasn't for months now, a one year old who loves art projects (but loves eating the crayons and markers more), a three year old who is in a whining phase of life, and I could go on and on.

I choose to pick my battles... I provide them both with food they will eat as well as at least one other item that I want them to "Try" each meal. I have my three year old play the computer during nap time so he is doing a quiet activity that also involves learning (with a side benefit of giving me a bit of time too). I continue to do art projects with both boys (but sit right next to Colby and quickly remove any and all items right before he taste tests them).

I wish I could say I have a solution to the whining, but I don't! I've tried ignoring the whining. I've tried "mocking" it, but that just makes him laugh and he stops for a few minutes and then starts up again. I've tried time out, but that didn't work either. I just continue to encourage him to use his words and use his "big boy voice". I try to show him that if he uses his words I can help faster than when he whines and I have to guess the issue.

Oh well... this too shall pass (or it better!). For the most part I have two very well behaved little boys. I have two curious, loving, creative, smart, and normal little boys. We will just have to continue working on the little things that seem to drive me crazy. I will just have to continue to change and go with the flow. Cause let me tell you... sometimes you just can't make kids do things!


  1. Ugh, the whining!! Caleb is by nature a whiner. Recently I told him that he has to use his "nice voice" or else I won't answer him. It took quite a few times of him breaking down and crying because I was ignoring him but it seems to have finally worked...the whining has lessened over the past few months!

  2. I love the layout!! We have to go with the flow or risk losing our minds! :o)

  3. It sounds like you are doing everything right. I too am completely guilty for claiming the "My kids will never..." But you're completely right, you don't always get what you want! They will have their good days and their bad.

  4. So so true...there are days Stunt Man will not budge. Drives me crazy, those are days I let him be him and i just sit back and enjoy the ride. :)

  5. My three year old quit napping a few months before he turned three! I also let him play educational games so I can get something done during nap time!

    My three year old is not whining so much, but has hit the "negative phase"... I don't want to, I don't like that, etc. It drives me crazy too.

    Seems like we both have some normal kids, huh?

  6. we have the whiner too...and no naps!

  7. Well said...sometimes just go with the flow!!

  8. my younger 2 kids are 10 and 11, and I STILL can't stop the whining!! i HATE whining!! HATE IT!! it drives me insane. yet, they still do it. and I don't give in to it...I ususally tell them that I will not listen to them until they talk in normal voice, but it doesn't make it stop!
    ugh! if you find a solution, please let me know!

  9. Yes, I did it too. But you never really know what it's like to walk in these shoes until you do.

    I am still working on the whining with the 5 year old. He has good days and bad days but thankfully the good are more abundant the the bad now a days.



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