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Yep, we had another crazy busy weekend here. Richard took Friday off because both boys had doctor's appointments, and were both getting shots... NEVER fun! I had to laugh as the doctor tells me just one more way my boys are opposites. Blake is above average in weight and below average in height... and Colby?? yeppers he is the opposite. Colby is above average in height and below average in weight. There is no concern about either of them in height or weight, it was just a funny fact. They both did a great job with the vaccinations. I watched Sid the Science Kid's episode on the flu shot with them the day before which I think actually helped Blake deal with it all.

Other than going back for his booster H1N1 Blake is done with shots until he is 5. I had delayed his chicken pox since I was pregnant with Colby when he should have had that one and I know too many kiddos who got chicken pox from the vaccine. Colby will have one more shot when we go for the H1N1 booster and then he is also done until he is 5.

Friday I went and registered Blake in the public school system. Now we just wait to hear from the speech therapist with his speech schedule. It seemed really weird to be registering my 3 year old in the public school system. It is going to seem even weirder when I have to bring him there for his first speech class.

Saturday we had a UCF football game. I didn't get to go to the actual game, but I brought the boys over to enjoy some of the tailgating and Homecoming festivities. I did get to watch the game on tv which was good since it ended up being a really good day. We made a new steak recipe for tasty Tuesday and to celebrate Richard's birthday. Yes, we had another birthday. Richard had his 33rd birthday on Saturday.

Sunday was a day of errands and relaxing.

On to a new week. Hope you had a fun and busy, yet relaxing weekend. Happy Monday to all (ok that sounds so wrong)


  1. Glad the shots went well, it's always a guessing game here how they will go. H1N1 last week required Kamden to be held down by me and a nurse. Fun.

    Happy Monday! Honestly, I don't mind Mondays. Kids go off to school, I get to go for a run. I love my life!

  2. Happy Late Birthday to Richard. Aren't you glad the shots are done until 5. That is so nice. YOu have been busy but have accomplished a lot. That is awesome about getting Blake registered with the school system too.

  3. Awwww...I feel so sorry for them when they go for their shots! We got all 3 kids H1N1 shots a couple of weeks ago. They were fine since they didn't know what to expect but when we go back for the booster I'm sure they won't like it one bit!

  4. Happy belated birthday to hubs! I always hated when my boys would get shots!!!

  5. I love Sid the Science Kid! I need to start downloading them to show to my kids at school to go with some of our units! Glad it helped.

  6. Happy belated b-day to your husband! :) Steak is a great way to celebrate in my opinion. :) And hopefully all goes well with Blake's speech therapist too!


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