random weekend thoughs

1. Crazy schedule + toddlers with head colds + late nights = stressed mommy

2. Hearing Blake speak in sentences and have more people understand some of what he says is exciting.

3. Blake starts speech lessons at our local school next Friday!

4. Colby is growing in leaps and bounds. He amazes me all the time with the things he can do

5. Having both boys start to feel better is a major treat!

6. Thanksgiving home with just the four of us was great... no stress... no obligations. (no turkey... lol... we had ham)

7. Not having tons of leftovers means we can have whatever we want for the days after Thanksgiving... we had waffles with bacon on Friday and are having steak tonight... works for me

8. We put the tree up last night. This year is going to be so cool as Blake "gets" Santa finally. He talks about it all the time. He actually watched the whole Macy's parade in hopes of seeing Santa at the end

9. If anyone has any tricks to get a toddler to stop whining and use his words, PLEASEEEEE do share.

10. Watch for changes in my blog layout here soon... I hope to get it done before the 1st.

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  1. I watch the Macy's parade just to see Santa at the end! That's the official start of the Christmas season, you know!


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