Turkey Day

Today is Thanksgiving
A day to reflect
On the life you've been living

To say thanks for your life
for family and friends
for good food
for good health
for love to till the end

To enjoy time with loved ones
from near and from far
those who you are with you
and those who are not
where ever they are

So take time today
to say thank you
to laugh til you cry
to enjoy some good food
to watch a parade and
a football game or two

Happy Thanksgiving to you and to yours
from Lori, Richard, Blake and Colby

(make sure the work load is balanced... if you don't cook then you have to help clean!)



  1. Happy Thanksgiving to your family! HOpe you guys have a great day.

    I love the work load idea :)

  2. Yep...I will be cleaning up today:)

  3. Happy Thanksgiving to your house too.

  4. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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