Tasty Tuesday review

I did not make a new recipe this weekend... we've been a bit busy. (Plus my camera is toast so I couldn't take a picture of it even if I did)

So I decided it would be a good time to let you know which recipes we have gone back and made again.

Buffalo Turkey Burgers. We have made this at least one more time. We made it with ground beef adding more hot sauce to the meat mixture as well as dipping the buns in the hot sauce with butter before grilling them. Yes, this one will stay in my recipe file!

Teriyaki-Beer Skirt Steak. I can't tell you how many time we have made this. I think it is one of our favorites! I will tell you that I've heard others who haven't liked it, but after talking to them they used cheaper beer than we do. We also used this marinade on chicken which was pretty good, but you need to alter the beer/teriyaki/sugar ratios and I haven't mastered them yet.

Mexican Meat-zza. This is another one that I have made more than once. We actually used it as the main dish for Blake's birthday party. It was a crowd pleaser.

Many of the other recipes we had leftovers of so I didn't have to remake them to try them again. I'll tell you we just pulled the Pasta with Pancetta and Tomato sauce out of the freezer and it was yummy!

I hope you have enjoyed my Tasty Tuesday recipes. Have you tried any yet? Do share if you have! Has it encouraged you to try new recipes of your own? Watch for new recipes coming to a Tuesday near you (o:

(to check out all the Tasty Tuesday recipes click here)


  1. Oh these sound delish! Once again, I am a boring Jane in the recipe department. I need to get cooking...LITERALLY!

  2. I need to try that Mexican Meat-zza. Sounds so good.

  3. The Teriyaki Beer Skirt Steak looks amazing. I love new skirt steak recipes and i am going to add it to my menu for next week.

    Great Blog!! I have become a follower.

  4. My family doesn't let me cook much. They say they'd rather live!

  5. I need to remember these for after the holiday. I really need to change things up on my dinner menu!


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