Dec 14

What a busy weekend! We are still doing our Christmas books.

Our books the last few days:

Franklin's School Play by Paulette Bourgeois. In this story Franklin is the Nutcracker in his school play, but gets stage fright. He over comes it by helping a friend learn to speak loudly on the stage.

The Little Christmas Tree by Karl Ruhmann. In this story a small fir tree lived on the outside of a forest. Many of the animals looked at it as something they could use to jump over or scratch on. A little boy and his dad went in search for the perfect Christmas tree and the boy fell in love with the little tree. They didn't want to cut it down since it was so little so they brought back decorations and decorated the tree in the woods. Every year from then on the boy went and visited and decorated the special tree.

Clifford's First Christmas by Norman Bridewell. This is the story of Clifford's first Christmas with Emily Elizabeth. In the story Clifford even stays up and meets Santa Claus.


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