Dec 4th

Today's story was Huggly's Christmas, by Tedd Arnold.  If you don't know the Huggly's series, Huggly is a cute green monster who lives in a world below ours.  Huggly and his friends come into the human world by coming up under the "peoples beds".  In this book, Huggly goes into the people house and sees the Christmas tree and has an adventure exploring and even meets Santa Claus. 

Today was a big day in Blake's life... he went to speech at our local pubic school for the first time.  He shook the teacher's hand waved to me and then went off with her, and didn't even look back.   I was so proud of him I actually got to watch him walking down the hallway with her.  I went back to pick him up after his 30 minute session and he was so excited.  He made a snowman with her and was proud to show it to me.  I am so glad that he will now be getting speech 3 times a week 30 minutes each session. 



  1. That is awesome about his speech. What a big boy you have.

  2. Yaay for Blake doing well at Speech. My son started at the age of 3 as well. I remember his first visit..they made these little ooey gooey bug things...he thought he'd hit the jackpot with that lady!!

  3. Good to hear thing are progressing with his speech!! Baby steps!!

  4. yay for Blake. It is great that he did so well-and having pseech that often will make a big difference!

    I have never heard of that book series- sounds cute.


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