Dec 5th and 6th

Yesterday we went to a Christmas festival in a neighboring neighborhood. They boys enjoyed watching the parade. Well Blake enjoyed watching the parade, and said "tank ooo" to everyone who threw candy at to him. Colby, well he enjoyed pulling the grass up and playing with the wheel of the bike trailer.  We did not stay for pictures with Santa because they are going to be there all week and we will do it on another day.  It was frigid outside (ok frigid for Florida), but it was perfect Christmas weather.

Today Richard put the Christmas lights up on the outside of the house.  Guess we are done decorating for the year, finally!

Our Christmas books were:
Harold at the North Pole by Crockett Johnson.  In this book Harold wonders up to the north pole in search of the perfect Christmas tree and in the process helps Santa get out of his out and off on his Christmas adventure.

What Santa Can't Do by Douglas Wood.  This is a funny book about all the things that Santa can't do, such as Santa can't drive a car or ride in an airplane because it would upset the reindeer.  

Hope you had a fun holiday weekend


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  1. Sounds like a fun weekend. What santa can't do sounds like a cute book too. We don't do outside lights...hubs was wanting to this year...but it is getting so cold already.


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