Dec 9th

Last night we took the boys to see Santa. (We should get the cd with pictures tonight, hopefully) They did a great job. Both were very excited and they sat and both looked up for more than one of the picture... a major feat!


Yesterday we also painted Christmas trees. Colby finger painted his and Blake used a paint tool to make his. (I don't have picture of Colby painting because... well...the paint was everywhere to begin with I didn't need it on the camera too).


Yesterday's story was The Mighty Santa Fe by William H. Hooks. This story was a bit over the boys head, but is a great story none the less. A little boy goes on a train adventure with his great grandmother... or did he?

Today was a busy day so we didn't do very much Christmas. We did make a batch of mint chocolate chip ice cream to test out in ice cream pies which is what we are planning to give the neighbors this year.

Today's story was Dinofours: Our Holiday Show, by Steve Metzger. This is another book from a series of stories. The dinosaurs are in preschool in this series and in this book are planning a holiday program.



  1. What a very cool tool to paint with. I am loving your new camera...your pictures are so crisp. Are you uploading through flickr too?
    Did you get a picture of the boys on Santa's lap

  2. Looks like fun!

    Do you have a zoo where you live, and if so, do they put up Zmas lights? At our zoo, they have "zoo lights"....the whole zoo is decorated in Xmas lights! The boys love it! Now if only the weather would cooperate!

  3. That paint tool is interesting! We painted Christmas trees on 26 gift bags yesterday - but Esme lost interest after 10 or so, so I had to do all the rest. Maybe something like this would've been more interesting...

    Ice cream pies - can I come move next door?!

  4. Those painting tools look like fun! You're such a good mom, doing projects like that!

  5. We SO need to do some fun holiday crafts! So much fun!


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