Many of you commented on seeing my boys in winter jackets and hats yesterday. We are having a cold front from Canada moving through here the last week or so. Our nights have been in the 30s and even in the 20s a few days. Our days are struggling to get into the 50s but mostly in the 40s.

Now, yes I know those of you from the north are thinking... hey that sounds really good to me. (remember I grew up in Massachusetts, I know that 40s/50s would be a heatwave in January) The weeks around Christmas we were in the 70s and wearing either shorts with long sleeves or pants with t-shirts, or just shorts and a t-shirt. So having days in the 40s is veryyyy cold!

The boys are confused as to why they have to wear jackets when we go outside. I was just glad they were willing to wear their hats when we played out in the backyard.

It's days like this, that make me really glad I don't live in the north anymore. I remember teaching kindergarten and helping the kids bundle up in snowsuits, hats, boots, mittens and such. I can't imagine how hard that is when little ones in car seats. As it is I don't have my boys wear their jackets in their car seats, I have them wear heavy sweatshirts and put their jackets on when we get wherever we are going.

Kuddos to my northern friends! May your winter be short and your spring be long (o:


  1. CRAZINESS... my heater thinks it s going to have a meltdown. It keep tripping our fuse box! Ugh!! I hear "flurries" are in the forcast for 2 nght?!!

  2. My mom is in Florida right now and said she was enjoying the cold LOL

  3. Oh sure, blame it on Canada! ;)
    Yes, that sounds lovely for here but if I was there, I would be super mad. Florida is supposed to be hot and sunny.

    I start getting the boys out to the door to school 10 minutes earlier in the winter on account of the time it takes to get all bundled up. I do ask myself why we live here often!

  4. I am loving our cold front! Every time Ryan steps out the door he says, "Eees cold side" (It's cold outside). Sooo funny! I am thankful he has been willing to wear his hat too!

  5. Amen!

    Actually our winter has been great...cold but not a lot of snow yet.


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