brrrr take 2

well we didn't get snow... yes they were forecasting snow for Orlando, FL. Crazy! But, when it's only 34 at noon and 36 by 2pm it's very cold for Florida. Today we had a stay inside all day day. The boys stayed in their jammies and I have chili in the crock pot for dinner. Crazy I tell ya! I can't wait to see the 60s again and soon.

Hope you are staying warm in your neck of the woods.



  1. So, did you get any snow? :) We're still freezing cold here in Canada! haha...and will be probably until May or so! Today the boys went out and shovelled for an hour...which is fun for Tate, not as fun for Daddy! hehe. :) Hope it warms up for you soon though!

  2. Oh, actually, never mind...just read the first line of your post again...about the fact that you didn't get any snow! Oops! :)


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