Ahhh the joys of life

Remember last Thursday when I posted about the boys and Richard having head colds?  No... well you can read it here

Welllll... here's the update on all that.  Richard is fine.  The boys... not so much.  We took the boys to the doctors on Monday (let me tell you I was really shocked they were actually open on President's Day).  We wanted to make sure that the cough was just a post nasal drip and that there wasn't more we should do for them.  Well it turned out that Colby has an ear infection and Blake has a double ear infection... oh joy! 

Ok.  We can do this... trip to Publix to fill the script.  Wooohooo Amoxicillin is free at Publix.  Ok.  Get 3 bottles of  Amoxicillin, two different amounts and times.  Cool we can do this.  Even better... I can mix it in milk, juice whatever and trick them into taking it. 

Give them a dose as soon as we get home.  Give them a second dose in the morning.  Both boys seem to be doing better, and in better spirits.  Off Blake goes to school.  I pick him up and he seems better than he has in a while.  Later I pop them in the tub... hey wait what's this?  Blake has a "rash" on his chest... wait and his back.  Time to call the doctors to find out what is going on.  After playing telephone tag with the nurse, we decide to try a dose of benedryl and call back before the bed time dose of Amoxicillin.  Rash is still there... ok no more Amoxicillin.  Give him more benedryl in the morning and they will call in a different script for the antibiotic. 

Get up in the morning and head out to speech. After speech we get the new Rx.  Read the paperwork on this one since the Pharmacist told me that if it is a true allergy to penicillin then he will react to this one too... oh great!  Go on with our day.  After we come in from playing outside (I had to laugh as I had them out in sweatshirts with winter hats on since it was in the high 50s but windy), I decided to do an early bath.  Hey look... more spots.

I call the nurse again.  Off to the doctors we go.  Richard actually left work to meet us there... and let me tell you I was glad he did.  They squeezed us in so we waited and waited and waited.  Oh and then we get seen.  Wait I'm not sure what this is, but it's not a reaction to the medicine.  Here let me have my nurse look at it too.  Here let's have the other peditritian on staff look at it.  Ok we think it is an atypical case of Chicken Pox.  Yes, chicken pox.  Yes we know he had the vacine, but he has chicken pox.  Oh wait we can't tell you how long it will last.  We can't tell you if it will get worse.  We can tell you that when you have a normal case of chicken pox we tell the parents they have to wait for 24 hours after the fever breaks... wait he doesn't have a fever.  In the normal case you have to wait 24 hours until the pox scab over, but wait his don't have the same type of pus heads so they may not all scab over.  Ok just wait until he goes 24 hours without getting a new spot. 

So now he can't go to school tomorrow. 

Oh and did I tell you that Richard is going away on business next week?  Let me tell you these spots better stop showing up by Saturday!


  1. Poor Blake! Any idea if he got it from someone at school?? And what good are vaccines if they don't work?? Same thing happened to us with Rotavirus. Paid over $300 (out of pocket) and he still gets it (for close to 14 days). ARGH!! Hope this "atypical" case is atypically short lived and he get to feeling better and back to normal. And prayers Colby doesn't catch it either. Keep us posted!

  2. poor blake! hope he isn't too itchy. like i said before avery had them at 4 months. the on call dr said it was impetigo and i had to put cream on the spots twice a day, well 2 days later i had so many spots to cover that we went back. the same dr saw us and got us right into the pedi when i said we had more spots...his pedi said well it looks like chicken pox, but let me get another dr to take a look..yes that is 3 DR's! he said he hadn't seen them in 10+ yrs and that was the same yr that there was a spike in them in MA. They had also asked if i had them, which i did and they were surprised he had them so young considering they still have our immunity for the first 6 months. hopefully colby doesn't get them...and ive seen research that some vaccines don't always work...case in point!

  3. Awwww...poor Blake! I hope it goes away soon and doesn't cause him (and you) grief in the meantime!

  4. Oh my! Seems like you've really had a long few days/weeks. That was jillian last winter. I think the nurses and dr.s knew us by heart! Keep positive, it will get better.

  5. Yikes! I hope the rash is gone quickly!!


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