Sickness hits the house...again

Well, head colds are back with a vengeance!  Richard seems to be worn out and coughing a lot more.  Of course, the fact that he is working until 7pm every night could have something to do with him feeling worn down. 

Blake is feeling snotty and you can tell he is fighting a post nasal drip.  Colby is feeling just as crappy as Blake... it just came about with him a day a or two later.

Tuesday night was the night from hell for me! Richard woke up coughing around midnight.  He fell asleep around 12:45am, guess who didn't fall back to sleep.  I decided to get up around 1:25am and go play on the computer to see if I could shut back down.  At around 2:40am I was getting ready to come back to bed, and Blake woke up.  He was coughing so hard he was crying.  I picked him up and put him in the shower (something he wanted NOTHING to do with).  Around 3:15/3:30 we got Blake settled down and back to sleep.  In the process of that, around 3:20am Colby woke up.  He had leaked through and was wet.  Ok change Colby and put him back to bed... yeah no.  I brought him out to the couch to see if having him sleep out there with me would settle him.  Around 5am he finally fell asleep, only to wake up at 6:30am.  Blake slept in until 8am.

Yesterday, Blake seemed to be doing better and Colby seemed to be getting worse.  Colby struggled to nap since he was so congested he had a hard time settling down.  In his three tries to nap, I think he may have got an hour and a half nap.  We went outside yesterday, took long hot baths and all had LOTS and LOTS to drink.  All those good things to get the snot moving.  I also opened the windows for a bit and aired out all the bedrooms.

Then last night Colby had a hard time falling asleep... granted that is part of our going to bed struggles we still haven't figured out completely.  Colby woke up around 11pm.  Into the shower you go!  I then decided that he was so congested that I'd try to sleep on the couch sitting up and let him lay on me.  Ok that wasn't fun.  He finally fell asleep around 12:45am.  I put him back in bed and then had to check in on Blake who had begun coughing himself.  Ok, both boys asleep... to bed I go.  Yeah that didn't last long.  Colby woke up coughing so hard he was crying (do you remember reading this before?).  I brought him back out to the couch, this time I forgot my heavier blanket and pillow... oops.  After about an hour or so Colby was sound asleep.  At 2:30am, I put Colby back in his bed.  Hmmm should I go to bed?  Should I sleep on the couch since it is closer to Colby's room.  I figured... if I go back to bed, Colby will wake up again in an hour, but if I sleep on the couch, he'll sleep through the night... you know that logic right??  So I grabbed my pillow and a fleece blanket and slept on the couch until Richard woke me at 6:30am. 

Blake woke a bit after 7am and seemed well enough to go to school.  Colby woke about 7:30 and was still coughing.  So, Colby and I are having a quiet hang out and stay warm day.

Is this winter over yet??


  1. Bless your heart!! I hear you on the head colds. Ryan FINALLY got over his, Mike got well, then I got it after I thought I was going to escape it altogether. UGH!! I hope the boys and Richard get well soon and you all can get some rest!

  2. Ugh! I hope they are feeling better soon! My boys are also dealing with a cold right now, mostly a runny nose. Have you tried a cool mist humidifier? I put them in the boy's rooms when they are sick and they really help them sleep better because they can breathe so much easier!

  3. I hear you. Poor things. Get better soon. Actress has a little cough but humidifier and natural cough syrup are doing the trick.

  4. Oh my, how I hate nights like those! I hope everyone gets well- and SOON!

    Here's hoping you all manage to get some sleep too!


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