Having grown up in a family that was bigggg into sports, and living in MA, watching the winter Olympics was something we looked forward to every 4 years.  I can remember watching them as a child and cheering for the US and often for the underdog in the different events too.  I grew up skating on the pond, sledding and downhill skiing, but the talent level of the Olympic athletes was always something to marvel at. 

As an adult, I still enjoy watching the Olympics.  I love the pride that these athletes feel for their country and for their sport.  I love the excitement of the talent and seeing races won by 10ths of a minute.  I cringe when they fall and cheer when they succeed. 

I have had the Olympics on in the afternoons and the boys are picking up on watching some of the events.  Now granted they can not associate with these winter events as much as a child who grows up in the snow, but they can still see the skill, the pride and excitement of the challenge. 

I hope my sons grow up to be athletic, even if they do not excel enough in a sport to be an Olympian.  I want them to learn team work.  I want them to be physically active.  I want them to feel the pride of winning and to learn to be a good loser.  To learn that sometimes your best isn't good enough to win, but it is good enough to have fun and excel. 

Time to turn my attention back to the Olympics... hope you take some time to cheer on your country, and maybe an underdog or two.  (and say a prayer for the family and team members of the luger who lost his life doing what he loved best.  



  1. Great post! My boys have also been enjoying some of the Olympic sports. I'm curious to see which sports they enjoy as they get older.

  2. My hubs has been really into it. Model is really loving it too. I love to see them both cheering for the USA.

  3. I have not watched them at all this year yet but I remember as a child, watching them faithfully with my parents. They really are great to watch!


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