Super Bowl Commercials

I love watching the commercials that they come up with to play on Super Bowl Sunday.  I enjoy football, as you could guess since I have season tickets to UCF's football games, but I think the commercials makes the Super Bowl worth watching.  Oh and let me tell you the best way to watch a football game at home is time delayed via a dvr!  We taped the game and paused it while we were putting the boys down for bedtime.  This meant we could fast forward over the 100 replays of each play, the huddles, and all the filler moments.  So all we watched was the actual play time and the commercials!

I didn't stay up for the whole game, I guess the fact that I felt like crud played a role in that.  (I slept most of Sunday's morning and part of the afternoon... never a good thing when a mom gets sick, at least it was on the weekend)

I have to say that my favorite commercial was the Doritos one with the no barking collar.  I thought that was was a hoot.... what was your favorite commercial??


  1. I didn't see any of it. I was busy playing games with the ladies at the party. I will have to check that one out. yOu are the third person that mentioned that commercial. feel better.

  2. I missed the whole event this year! So now I have to go find all the commercials online somewhere so I can see what everyone is talking about!

  3. I confess.. I didn't watch the superbowl either! I may have to go online and check out the commercials though!


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