The 6 Things Kids Really Need (part 1)

I was reading Woman's Day Magazine the other day while sitting on the porch watching the boys play the other day.  I came across an article that I loved, and as I read it it screamed.... BLOG POSTS! 

The title of the article is The 6 things kids really need, and one they don't.  Just the title made me say... ok what is this all about?  One thing I liked was the fact that all of the points were backed up with statements from doctors, be in PhDs of MDs it was people who are in a field working with children.  I decided to take each of these 6 items that kids need, and the one they don't and blog about it and how I feel it plays a role in my life.  I will post these for the next 7 Saturdays... read along if you want or even better read the article yourself and reflect on your own blog.   

#1 I love you's.  

This is something that came naturally to me.  I grew up in a family that said I love you quite often.  There was a standing rule in my house (and now in my house as a parent) that you never leave without saying I love you.  I always want this to be the last thing that my boys and Richard hear from me.

But, in the same tone that this was very easy for me it is not easy for everyone.  There are many children who grow up in families where the words are just not said.  There are often times when people are more likely to say I love this video game or this tv show, but don't say I love my children/parents/siblings. 

Before my sons could even talk they learned that whenever we are getting ready to leave we give each relative "love" this means a hug for everyone.  Now they say love you to them too.  Every night the last thing we do before getting the boys into bed is to give "loves".  Their favorite thing to do right now is "love for everyone" (even Colby asks for this) when the whole family does a family hug, kissing each person and saying love you.  

My favorite quote from this section was: "I never knew a kid whose parents told him too many times that they loved him" says Laurence Steinberg, MD, a psychology professor at Temple University and author of The 10 Basic Principles of Good Parenting.  

Go give each person in your house a hug and kiss and tell them one more time "I love you"



  1. Love the new layout!

    Thanks for the link to the article too! I'm looking forward to reading your posts about it.

    I totally agree on the need for "I love you" and that it isn't always easy for some.

    We always leave/end our day with "I love you" for the same reasons...

    Happy Saturday!

  2. So true! My family has always said "love you" so we have passed that on to our kids! The last thing we say to each other at night is "love you"!

  3. Very true!! I did not grow up in a home where it was said. Sad, I know....but it is a priority for us now.

  4. Went out and checked out the article. So true. I always try to tell my girls I love them.

  5. I love this. Can't wait for part 2. Thanks for sharing. I tell my kids that alot...sometimes I have to repeat it 10 times before they will respond with "I love you too" lOL

  6. I am happy to say that we are really good at this one. My husband's family has a hard time saying it, so I am proud of him for telling me and the boys all the time that he loves us.


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