What a weekend

After keeping Blake home from speech and preschool all week, we decided to cancel out our plans for the weekend. We thought we needed a do a whole lot of nothing weekend... and mad did we!

We didn't do much of anything this weekend. On Saturday the only things we did a few things one being to have the alarm company come and activate our alarm system. Man is that thing LOUD! It reverberates in your head when it's going off... guess that is a good thing. Colby slept while the alarm was going off, I have NO clue how he did that. We also went to the grocery store on Saturday, it was weird going on the weekend when there are more people in the store and I have another set of hands to help with the boys.

Sunday we did even less. Other than going outside to play for a while we didn't do anything.

Blake seems to be feeling a lot better, but I can't say the same for Colby. I can't decide if it is just his molars coming in, if he has a head cold on top of his molars, or if it's something more serious. I hate the fact that I feel like I can't console him sometimes. I hate the 2 year molars they seem to be the worst of the bunch.

Blake's week is going to be off schedule again this week as the school system is on spring break so he will go to preschool, but won't have speech.

I will be happy when both boys are healthy, Richard isn't working 50 or so hours a week, and we can get back to some semblance of normal... I'm not sure what that is anymore.



  1. I hope colby is back to himself soon! sounds like a great weekend of nothing! I strive for a weekend like that!

  2. Getting and staying healthy is such a crazy battle! Wishing you all well. I am having a giveaway the boy might like!! Check it out!!

    Have a great week!!

  3. Weekends of nothing are good!! I am sorry the boys aren't up to par. That is never any fun. I sure hope they start feeling well soon. Sorry Richard is working so much. Hang in there!

  4. I hate it when they don't feel just so. So sad. Hope Colby feels better. I love weekends when we have nothing scheduled...although that hasn't happened in a while.

  5. Stinks when kids don't feel well. Hope the weekend was what your family needed.

  6. Oh how I hate it when my kids get sick! It is miserable for everyone!

    Hope you all return to health soon!


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