Ok I bet you are wondering what in the world the number 998 as to do with anything. Well this is my 998th blog post... crazy I know! I have been blogging for 2 years, 2 months and some odd days. I can't believe that I'm almost at my 1000th post. Over that time my blog has taken on many changes, not just in my layout and background, but in my writing style. When I first started blogging Blake had just turned 1 and I was pregnant with Colby. Blake was still sleeping in a crib, napping, and not talking. You've listened to my concerns with Blake's speech, trying to figure out how to balance 2 little boys, how to keep my sanity and get everything done in the house, and just life in general. You've seen me celebrate the birth of Colby, the boys' birthdays, holidays and much more.

But, I've also found that my blog is an outlet for my frustrations with life. The funny thing is that is usually the posts that get the most replies. I find that my rants on society be it education, the media, television, and other random things that pop into my mind tend to get the most attention from random readers.

Over the years I've seen readers come and go. I've switched which blogs and what types of blogs that I read too. But, I find it intriguing what people post and what they reply on. This includes what I post about and what blog posts I read and then take time to stop and post a reply about. I have some blogs that I read and reply to almost every day, and others that I read in my google reader, but don't always reply to daily.

In my last 998 posts, I have learned that different people feel that different things are worth reading and writing about. I've also learned that you have to blog about what is on your mind and what is going on in your life cause you'll never figure out what people want to read and what kind of post they will choose to write a response.

Thanks for joining me on this journey to 1000.


  1. wow! that's awesome! congrats!

  2. Wow..almost 1000! That's amazing Lori! I love reading your blog. It's great to see what other moms are going through, I don't feel so alone.

  3. I am almost there too. It is crazy how long and fun this ride has been. I think we have been on this blogger ride for almost the same amount of time and found each other shortly after we started blogging. So fun! Thanks for always coming by my little ole blog. I love hearing from you & I enjoy my visits here.

  4. Wow...1000?!

    It is an interesting journey, isn't it? Sometimes you strike a nerve and sometimes you don't.

    Regardless, I think it's a great thing -- reminds me of "pen pals" when I was younger!


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