I was watching the news this morning, as I do every morning.  I had our local all news all the time channel on, mostly because they put the weather on every ten minutes and for me that is the most important thing to see on the morning news.  Come on I need to know how to dress and we know it's going to change from day to day so I need the up to date weather forecast. 

This tends to be my one time watch the news on a given day.... they don't have news on Nick Jr., Disney or PBS kids and at this time that is pretty much all we see during the day when the tv is on.  As the boys get older we will be able to watch the news in the morning, but for now I think I'll stick to kid friendly shows. 

I often shake my head while watching the news.  I don't understand where logic is anymore.  This morning I heard them talking about the price of gas.  Did you know it was on the rise again... no shock I know!  The news reporter said that they suspect that the price of gas is on the rise again because... They just came out with the unemployment numbers from last month and they are are down.  So therefore they are speculating that more people will buy gas so the price is going up.  Ummmm.... Ummm... so more people got jobs last month (or more specifically more people went off unemployment that doesn't necessarily mean they all got jobs), so this coming month more people are going to buy gas.... Is anyone else lost?

I find that I often think like this when watching the news.  Last week a couple had their infant child taken by a person impersonating someone from DCF.  Hmmm if I was  in the real DCF I'd start investigating this couple.  If someone came to me from DCF or not and tried to take my boys I'd put up a major fight because there is NO reason for them to be taken.  So if I gave my child to someone thinking they were from DCF, then there must be a reason that I'd think that DCF would take my child.  Yet, they didn't say that DCF was investigating the family.

Is it just me or does anyone else out there say... hey wait that isn't logical when they watch the news?  Did we some how lose logic in this technical age?  I mean I know government hasn't always been completely logical, but has everyone lost the concept of logic?



  1. I totally agree. Most of it doesn't make any sense to me either.

  2. I wonder if that story is even true about the child...they have probably done something to him and this is their cover story. We have seen that one play out way to many times before.

  3. I intentionally try to avoid the news. It almost always boggles me.

  4. I agree! Sometimes the news makes no sense! I don't watch the news, I find it really depressing.

    I'll watch our local morning news for a few minutes just to get the weather forecast!

  5. I have to stick up for my industry! I am a TV news producer, and I have to say, a lot of what we do makes no sense; a lot of the mentality is "if it bleeds, it leads" and money is always the bottom line. That said... wait, wait, even I can't stick up for my injury! I guess that's why I want to move something a little bit more inspiring.

    Oh, and the gas prices? Today I reported they are rising because it's spring, and more people are driving. I think the answer of supply and demand is logical, right?

    Confessions From A Working Mom

  6. Wow, so the craziness isn't just here in DFW? Kinda sad. But I do agree...there isn't must common sense these days. I noticed the ABC News question of the day was "Should Govn't tax soda in an effort to help make Americans more healthy?" Ummm...serious? Cuz nothing else, like ice cream and cookies makes people fat? How about Cheetos too? Or Twinkies? I think it's good that they acknowledge there should be some attention given to this epidemic, but seems a bit intrusive to me. And really...would it really do any good? Smokers still smoke despite the steep taxes on cigs. I will never give up my Diet Dr Peppers....EVER! lol

  7. I don't hardly watch the news because it is just depressing or crazy. LIke that story you just shared. Weird.

  8. i agree..i stayed up to watch a story about how to save money grocery shopping thinking they had a new way, well it wasn't anything i didn't already know, they hyped it up a lot!

  9. I think people are so screwed up right now. I just want to live in my own little world where I don't need to interact with people like that but I know that is not reality. As long as some of us stick together maybe we can remind each other that people with logic still exist.


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