So different...

People see my boys and you know they are brothers.  I've even been asked on more than on occasion if they are twins, which I find funny since Blake is a lot taller than Colby.  People ask me if they are similar in how they act and such.  I always find this a funny question.  I knew when before Colby was born that he was going to be the opposite of Blake and I was right.  In a lot of ways they are similar, but in most ways they are different.  

Both are into trucks, trains, and anything with wheels, but they use them differently.  Both love to use the computer, but they like to play different games (Colby likes different games than Blake did at Colby's age).  They eat opposite... Blake eats meats, cheese, grilled cheese, hot dogs, banana, and cookies (to name a few).  Colby eats pasta, rice, yogurt, cottage cheese, pears, rice cakes and crackers, (that is the bulk of his menu actually).  They both like apples, pretzels, chips, and a few other cross over items, but they are few and far between.

The last few days when we were playing outside I had to laugh because in watching them play I continued to see more of these differences. 

Blake would spend his whole time outside on his bikePhotobucket
or his scooter Photobucket

Colby likes to take out coloringPhotobucket
and digging in the sandboxPhotobucket

There are times when they will interact outside.  Like when Blake happens to ride his bike into the sandbox and Colby has to help.PhotobucketPhotobucket
Or when Blake has to go check out what Colby is doing.Photobucket

I love the differences between my sons.  I think it will help them as they get older, don't you find that you butt heads more with people of similar personalities?  If I could only get them to eat the same, life would be good.  Take time today to look at the little things that make your little ones special.


  1. I love this! Thanks for posting. I always think it's amazing how children can be raised the same and have so many differences. :)

    I love it!

  2. My boys are all very different too! But it's great, I wouldn't want 3 Caleb's, 3 Justin's, or 3 Ben's. It's wonderful experiencing their different personalities. Plus, it really keeps me on my toes!

    Great pictures.

  3. I loved this! I have four sons, all redheaded, and they're all so different! It's been an adventure parenting them. It's easy to assume all boys are alike or will react the same way --I certainly learned different. And yes, I think it's been good for them to adjust to different personalities in the house.

    Enjoy your boys!!

  4. Super cute. Yes, I have two that are so similar and the other one is so different. But I love that about them. Makes me appreciate all three of them in different ways.

  5. Sometimes people ask me if my boys are twins too, which makes me wonder if they need glasses! Sure they are both blonde and blue eyed, but just look at the size difference! Sheesh!

    My boys are very different too. Makes life more interesting.


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