Tell me when it's over!

Ok I'm ready for 2010 to be over.  Lets see... we've had to replace the garage door opener, then get a new tv, then a new washer and dryer.  Blake has had 2 double ear infections, an upper respiratory infection, oh and don't forget the atypical case of chicken pox.  Colby has had an ear infection that went through 2 courses of antibiotics, pharyngitis, and is now getting his 2 year molars.  Richard has hurt his knee and can't bear weight, and has called to see a sports medicine doctor to see what is going on.

We have had the coldest winter the coldest since they've kept records.  We broke many record lows this winter.  And we are just now getting close to normal temps for the afternoons (for this week anyway)

And we aren't even 4 months into this year yet.  HELP!

I'm hoping that my boys get to feeling better soon.  I'm hoping that the rest of the year is greatly improved... 'cause I'm not sure we can take much more of this. 

Ok... enough whining.  (o:


  1. Sorry it has been a roller coaster 4 months!! Here's to getting better!!!!

  2. Oh girl I think I would want it to be over too. This too shall pass and you will have your blog to look back at and laugh. You will laugh right?
    Hang in's always darkest before the dawn..right?
    The sun will come out tomorrow.
    Are you feeling better yet?

  3. Yikes! No kidding! I think you whine needs some wine. Here's to everything looking up stat!

  4. Oh my, you certainly have been going through it. I am so sorry it's been so rough on you guys! I hope 2010 gets better for you quickly!

  5. hope they all feel better! it has been a rough year so far for lots of people and sickness

  6. Sorry to hear about your rough few months! I guess it can only get better. Apparently there is a tomato shortage here due to the bad weather in Florida....funny that it affects us too!

  7. I hope 2010 gets better for you...I mean its got to get just can't get any worse. BTW, first time I am visiting your blog and I just love background, very creative.

  8. Sounds like you have started off this year on the wrong foot. Here's hoping the good foot takes a big leap forward ASAP!


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