Time change... booo

At this day and age, I truly do not understand why we still have a time change.  The origins in the time of farming made sense, but why oh why do we still do it?  I hate the time changes... it so messes with your body.  Anyone who deals with children will tell you that this is hard on them.  They don't understand or care what time is on the clock, they are tired when then are tired and hungry when they are hungry. Trying to switch their schedules to fit the new time on the clock is such a challenge. 

The fact that we even switch times show how much it is arbitrary, but at the same time we live our lives based on the clock.  Wouldn't it be nice if we could just go by our inner clock?  You know... eat when you are hungry, go to bed when you are tired, wake up when you are rested?  Yeah I know it doesn't work that way.  We have routines and schedules that help us work within the larger society, ok I get it.  Buttttt, then they say... ok you've adjusted to this time frame... now switch your clocks by an hour. 

Drives me crazy!

So are you a fan of the time changes? 


  1. I don't like the time change either. After having Ryan, I like spring forward better because it's easier for him to adjust. Fall back was always my personal fav. because I got an extra hour, but boy does it mess with Ryan. It is a VERY difficult for him to adjust. I just wish the time would stay the same. It's annoying now that I have a child.

  2. I loathe the time change too. However, I find this one easier than the one in the fall...maybe because it makes the days longer!

  3. Nope...not a fan. I love that when we spring forward we have more day light...but I don't see the point in the time change. AZ where my friend lives does not do any time change.

  4. We are one of the few places in the world who don't change time. And I love it. There are people who still advocate for it here but thankfully there are more of us who don't.

    I can't even imagine what it would be like for kids! I feel for you.

  5. It's the WORST!!! I grew up in AZ and when I was 22, I moved to Nashville...even as an adult it was hard! Back to AZ, 8 years later and I was a happy little non-time changer again. :) I've lived in Pittsburgh now for about 2 1/2 years and it kills me everytime!

    I need a nap! :)

    New to your blog...loving it!

  6. I use to LOVE falling back because it meant an extra hour to sleep in after a Saturday night...now it's just an extra hour I have to be awake with cranky kiddos.

    Fortunately, this year the time change wasn't that big a deal for us...we made sure the kids were SUPER tired and it seemed to go smoothly (knock on wood). Last year was horrible.

    We'll see how I do tomorrow when I have to get up and head to work.

  7. I'm neither a fan or a not fan. I do like that it is light so late in the summer though.


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