The 6 Things Kids Really Need (part 3)

I was reading Woman's Day Magazine the other day while sitting on the porch watching the boys play the other day.  I came across an article that I loved, and as I read it it screamed.... BLOG POSTS!

The title of the article is The 6 things kids really need, and one they don't.  Just the title made me say... ok what is this all about?  One thing I liked was the fact that all of the points were backed up with statements from doctors, be in PhDs of MDs it was people who are in a field working with children.  I decided to take each of these 6 items that kids need, and the one they don't and blog about it and how I feel it plays a role in my life.  I will post these for the next 7 Saturdays... read along if you want or even better read the article yourself and reflect on your own blog.   

#1 I love you's.  
#2 Structure and Limits 
#3 Conversation 

This is one area that really jumps at me now that I'm a parent of a child with speech issues.  As a teacher, I always tried to find time each day to talk to my students one-on-one.  I made it a goal to have a personal conversation with them at least every other day, not talking about school and things like that, just talking about life.  I felt it was imporant to let them know I cared, but it also provided insight into what was really going on in their minds and lives.

As a parent, I feel it is important to have these conversations with your child to help them see how much you care about what they think as well as what is going on in their lives.  I also think it is important for them to see you involved in conversation with others.  

One thing that I have always done with my students and now with my sons is to speak to them the same way I would any other person.  I never used baby talk with my boys.  When I taught I never "dumbed down" things to help the students understand it.  I won't say that I didn't explain things when needed, but I didn't speak down to them.  When children see that you are speaking to them the same way you are adults, or at least similarly it helps to develop a level of respect.  It also provides the children a baseline for speaking not only to other adults, but also with their peers.  

I think the main thing that adults often forget with talking with children is to listen.  Often times adults brush off what a child is saying as not important.  Children have a lot to say and you never know what they are sharing until you listen.  They have a lot going on in their little brains and you maybe shocked to hear what they know and what they have seen.  When you start showing children at a very young age that you care about what they have to say, then they are more likely to keep these lines of communication open as they get older.

Favorite quotes from this section:  
 --Take the time to really "hear" your kids, because that will make them more likely to talk to you regularly.
--Instead of offering advice, ask questions that can help them come to conclusions on their own.



  1. Totally agree with your approach to speaking with children! I do the same and always have and ensure that I'm not standing over them either...sitting down to look them in the eyes. (I used to squat sometimes, but my pregnant belly doesn't make that so easy anymore.:)

    My stepdaughter has had some speech issues as well and we've been working with her for a few years --mostly correcting letter sounds. We've been working on her lisp --although now with no front teeth, we're on hold. :)

    I look forward to the last 3. :)

  2. We sound a lot alike. Probably because we were both teachers. lOL I never talked baby talk either. I have to make myself and them look each other in the eyes though when we are talking.

  3. I have to get better at asking questions to help them come to their own decisions, I often feel it's my job to make sure they do the right thing so in turn I don't let them decide.

  4. This is so true! I am not one for baby talk either. It is so important to talk and listen to kids. I'm afraid I haven't been my best sometimes with Eliuza- and this has reminded me I need to do better.


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