hey look an ambulance...

I decided to take the boys out to see my mother yesterday. I enjoy driving, but there are somethings that drive me crazy while driving. I'm not talking about things like: the boys fussing, the endless requests for drinks and snacks, the where are we going, kind of things.

I have to laugh right now as Blake gives a running commentary as we drive "look a jeep" "hey a pick-up" "wow look a helicopter". Colby will just start singing nursery rhymes out of the blue. I love those moments when they are enjoying the drive... if only that happened on the longer drives... yeah NO!

Ok... back to the purpose of this post. I was driving to get to the highway and hear sirens. Look in my rear view mirror... yep it's an ambulance coming my way. Ok pull over to the side of the road. I look and most of the cars in both lanes are pulling over so that the ambulance can get through. Continuing to look in my mirror to watch and make sure the ambulance doesn't turn off down a street, I see a truck driving down the middle where everyone had created a path for the ambulance... HELLO! What makes you so special? They then pull off right behind me in the tiniest space no big enough for a pick-up. I'm shocked they even bothered to stop, or that they wouldn't try to pass me to be the next person through the light up ahead. Why oh why do people think their life is more important than who ever this ambulance is going to or taking to the hospital? Do you not know the rules of the road? You hear those sirens, see the flashing lights... you get yourself OUT OF THE WAY! You put your time frame to the side and realize that you aren't that important. I see this so often where people try to go as far as they can before they get out of the way. Where they try to "our run" the fire truck, ambulance etc. Why? What is so important that you can't just pull to the side and let them through? What makes you feel that everyone has to stop, but not you?

This is not my old driving frustration, but the one I choose to take on today. Don't even get me started on my feelings of get off the phone and just drive... or how dare you text while driving??

(is now stepping off my soapbox... anyone notice that Thursday seems to be my rant day lately?)



  1. I know what you mean. Another thing that I hate is people cutting in between cars during a funeral procession.

  2. ive seen people not even pull over before! stupid people!

  3. Ugh, this drives me nuts too! People are so clueless...which is really scary!

  4. Well hopefully they got a ticket! My sister-in-law used to be one of those people and she got a lovely hefty ticket in the mail a couple of years ago and it changed her views forever!

  5. That is just unacceptable! People like that have no respect.

  6. Some people got nerve all right, that would totally make me spew smoke out my ears!


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