What do you want?

What do you want....?? I struggle with this question twice a year. It seems like every December and well April (since my b-day is in early May) I get asked this question. I never know what to answer. I am not materialistic at all, and people who know me in person will confirm this. Yes, I like nice things, but I don't need to have the latest and greatest. I'm content with what I have. The newer things I have gotten over the year have been given to me without me asking for it.

I have no problem buying essential items, but I just don't ever sit back and think... hmmm I'd really like to have x, y or z. When I come up with something I really want/need I just get it.

Richard struggles with this since most of the things that I come up with that I need are practical, and not exactly exciting gifts. I don't exactly want to be given a vacuum cleaner for my birthday, although we did just go buy one yesterday.

When asked this year my first answer was...
I want Blake potty trained. I think he is finally ready, but we just haven't had a weekend calm enough to devote the time to do it. I had planned on doing it this past weekend, but then my in-laws were up for the weekend. Knowing Blake I just need 3 or 4 calm days with no plans and he will be set to go. So not sure when that will happen.

Ok.. my next answer was...
I want Richard to only have to work 40 hour weeks so he can be home at night before the boys go to bed and not have to work on the weekends. I know some day soon we will get back to this but not in May. I love the fact that he is so respected at his job. I understand that this is a big push time so he needs to work the extra hours. I see that in this economy that the fact that he is so needed by his company is a really good thing. I get it... it doesn't mean I have to like it.

I want to go a month without any illness in the house. Since Jan we have dealt with multiple ear infections, Blake's chicken pox, strep, a stomach flu that took out the whole family, as well as teething, and just general seasonal allergy crap... yep we are due for come health and soon.

I want to be able to find time to do all the projects we need done before Colby's birthday. I want to find time to find balance in my day, where each boy gets time with me, time alone and time together.

I don't think any of these are too much to ask, but none of these things are things that people can give to me. You can't buy me time, health or balance. You can't buy me the things I need, all you can do is realize that what I really need is to not have more stress compounded on my already full life .... yeah right!

Hope you find what you want... at least for today.



  1. This is so true, the things we really WANT are tough for someone to give. Except their love.

  2. You are so funny. I want somethings that really can't be given either. I want someone to dust my house. LOL I keep saying that in hopes that the dust feels so unwanted it leaves on it's own.

  3. I hope that you get all of these things in due time though. Life has a funny way of working out and I think now that you have verbalized them here, they are bound to come true!

    Eventually anyway. ;)

  4. I totally hear ya. When I get asked what I want for my bday, I have no clue. But ask me what I want that day.....it's usually a healthy family, some alone time, and a nice hot cup of coffee!

  5. I'm clueless when it comes to my bday and christmas. I've come to ask for gift cards to either go out to eat or to get new clothes. b/c you know i never buy clothes for myself and occasionally i like to eat out for a break. this yr we asked for money to purchase a new grill...its a want and a need. not sure my dh agrees with it, but it is something we do NEED!

  6. Those are some tall orders. I hope you get at least some of those :-)


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