You know you are a Mommy when...

(I added a poll to my sidebar... feel free to play along, you can pick more than one answer)

You know you are a Mommy when expect to have pictures of blurry children on your camera. don't think it is strange to have toys everywhere. find trains in your kitchen gadget drawer and think nothing about it. look at your toddler and expect to see a messy face.

...when you know that Magic eraser is a gift.

...when you have Nick Jr, PBS kids, or Disney on the tv and there are no children in the room.

...your fridge is covered with precious art work. find sippy cups everywhere around the house. step on something that crunches and look down to see what kind of cereal your child was eating. look forward to nap and bedtime.

...sitting down to watch an adult show during the day is a major treat. find yourself saying things like... "no you can't have oreos for breakfast" "leave your clothes on and go to sleep" "eat one more piece of meat and then you can have more apple"

What little things make you realize... hey I'm a Mother!



  1. i may have gotten a little excited the other day when i got to watch almost ALL of Oprah and all the news!

  2. Check, check, check, check....check to all of the above!

  3. I was nodding my head the entire time. Have a great mothers day weekend Lori!

  4. I totally agree. I often find myself watching the kids shows because I walk into the room to clean something & it makes me laugh...then they leave and I am still watching it. LOL

  5. Hey, I must be a mother!

    Oh and my addition...silence makes you nervous not happy. (aka what are they up to?)

  6. i can ditto all that too. and probably add some! :)


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