and one thing kids don't need....

I was reading Woman's Day Magazine the other day while sitting on the porch watching the boys play the other day.  I came across an article that I loved, and as I read it it screamed.... BLOG POSTS!

The title of the article is The 6 things kids really need, and one they don't.  Just the title made me say... ok what is this all about?  One thing I liked was the fact that all of the points were backed up with statements from doctors, be in PhDs of MDs it was people who are in a field working with children.  I decided to take each of these 6 items that kids need, and the one they don't and blog about it and how I feel it plays a role in my life.  I will post these for the next 7 Saturdays... read along if you want or even better read the article yourself and reflect on your own blog.   

#1 I love you's.  
#2 Structure and Limits 
#3 Conversation 
#4 Something Shared
#5 Playtime 
# 6 Independence

and one thing kids don't need.... more stuff!

This is one I really agree with!  I go to so many houses and feel like Toys R Us threw up in the house.  I'm not saying my boys don't have stuff, trust me I cringe every time I have to clean the play room, but they don't just have stuff to have stuff.  I am not the kind of mother who feels that you have to buy something for your child every time they do something good, go the store or just cause.  I can get through the store without tears because my sons do not expect to get something.  I'm not saying they don't ask from time to time, but 9 out of 10 times I don't get them what they ask for.  I don't see the need.   It isn't necessarily a financial thing either.  I'd rather get them a few really great toys then a whole bunch of toys that never get used.  The items that they really like and play with on a regular basis we have more of, I can't tell you how many Monster Trucks, matchbox cars, train pieces, and coloring books we have in the house.  Why do we have so many of these?  they are items that they can play with and use their imaginations with, ok not really the coloring books, but we don't use those all the time either.  I love open ended toys what require them to use their imaginations to play with the item.  When you get toys that can only be used in one way then they get bored with the item and it lands in the bottom of the toy box or worse... on the floor!

Next time you go to pick up an item for your child... think... why am I getting this?  Is there more than one way to play with this item?  Or is there something better that I can get or do with them to reward them for this behavior/accomplishment?

Favorite Quote:  It's easy to subsitute toys for affection and attention because "it takes only a little time to buy your child a toy, but much more time to spend an afternoon together doing something fun," says Dr. Steinberg (Laurence Steinberg, PhD, a psychology professor at Temple University and author of The 10 Basic Principles of Good Parenting)

This is the last section of this article... it was fun to delve into this with you.  Hope you enjoyed the journey with me (o:



  1. Great posts Lori! I totally agree with this last one. I've noticed that our boys have a lot fewer toys than their friends, however, they don't seem to mind. We usually end up playing "pretend" or with the same toys over and over. When they get something new for their birthday, they use it for a week and then they go back to their old ones. I have given away or thrown out so many toys.

    I'm so glad that it's getting warmer here as we can head outside and forget about the toys until next winter!

  2. I agree, my kids get toys at Christmas and one or two at their birthday, but other than that we don't buy toys.

  3. I am so guilty of buying too much. Thank you for sharing this article. I agree. My kids don't need anything else. They need my time more than things.


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