The 6 Things Kids Really Need (part 4)

I was reading Woman's Day Magazine the other day while sitting on the porch watching the boys play the other day.  I came across an article that I loved, and as I read it it screamed.... BLOG POSTS!

The title of the article is The 6 things kids really need, and one they don't.  Just the title made me say... ok what is this all about?  One thing I liked was the fact that all of the points were backed up with statements from doctors, be in PhDs of MDs it was people who are in a field working with children.  I decided to take each of these 6 items that kids need, and the one they don't and blog about it and how I feel it plays a role in my life.  I will post these for the next 7 Saturdays... read along if you want or even better read the article yourself and reflect on your own blog.   

#1 I love you's.  
#2 Structure and Limits 
#3 Conversation 
#4 Something Shared

I found it funny that something shared was the item to blog about today.  I spend a lot of time with my boys and try to get them involved in a variety of things in the house.  Yesterday after taking Blake to the doctors... yes again... and yes it's another double ear infection, but I digress, we did a lot of things together. 

Blake and I watched Monster Jam.  One of his FAVORITE things to watch.  Richard and I were actually talking about this the other night.  If you'd asked me earlier in life, if I would know anything about monster trucks... my answer would have been NO!  I got into them because Blake watches them every day.  I know all the trucks and some of the drivers.  I know this not only because I listen/watch the show daily, but because it is something that Blake is into.  I feel that it is important to have a basic understanding of the things my sons show a great deal of interest in.  I realize it may not necessarily be something that I would choose to be interested, but they are and so therefore I choose to learn about it.

Later in the day we baked a cake (watch for more info on this on Tuesday).  Both boys helped me mix the cake.  Baking is something that I have loved to do since I was a child and is something I do with my boys on a regular basis.  I feel it is important to teach children to cook and clean as they grow up, but that isn't why I bake with them.  I bake with them because it is one thing that interest me that I can share with them. 

Right before bed Blake, Colby and I played a game together.  I always do learning activities with the boys.  Do not picture me sitting down teaching them their letters or how to add 1 + 1.  We read books, play games, make puzzles, use the computer, and a wide variety of other fun learning activities.  I feel that playing together shows them that learning can be fun.  Playing games shows them how to take turns, play fair, be a good winner and a good loser. 

This morning Colby was the first one up and brought that same game into our room to play with Daddy.  After when Blake woke up he asked Richard to play with the lego cars that Richard made recently.  You see, the boys may not always get to spend a ton of time with Richard, but when they do it is them sharing their interests with Richard and Richard sharing his interest with them.  Sometimes its legos, other times is car races or going on a bike ride. 

Take time today to share something that interests you with your child, but just as importantly... take time today to have your child share what is important to them with you.

Favorite quote:  When kids feel connected to you, they learn that they're connected to people outside the family, and that the way they act has an effect on other people.



  1. Great post Lori! It's true, it's wonderful being able to share our interests with each other. We each learn and grow that way and become very bonded!

  2. Awesome post. I love this and so agree with it. Funny how each child has different special activities that they like to do with us. Model has been reading to me out loud. The other night she read me to sleep:) The night I was having a bad day. It was something I will remember for a long time. I loved did she.

  3. This is so true. I laughed when you mentioned not knowing anything about moster trucks before kids. I have said the same thing about construction equipment. I find that as they get older it is harder to keep up. My two are into Bakugan now and it's literally a whole different world. My 8 yo tries to explain it to me but it's like another language. Thankfully we have other things we do together!


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