Missing in Action?

Did ya miss me? Think I abandoned my blog? Ran away? Went on vacation without sharing? I wish!

Monday night I came down with a severe stomach bug, within 5 hours the whole family was sick. Tuesday I couldn't stand up nevermind function. It took until today for me to be able to stand up long enough to watch my sons. Richard took off Tuesday and Wednesday to help with the boys, not that he was going to work on Tuesday anyway.

Everyone is slowly getting back to normal. Now we just need my parents to get better, they came down with it after us, my mom was here Monday night.

I'm so ready for 2010 to be over with! I'll post my regular Sat post and try to get back into normal blogging on Monday.



  1. So sorry to hear the whole family is sick. Hope all is well soon!


  2. hope you all feel better very soon!

  3. Oh no!! We had that about a month ago. I hope you're all on the mend and get well soon.

  4. Oh no Lori, I know how that feels! Glad you are all feeling a little better. Rest up!

  5. Ugh! That's terrible Lori, glad Richard could take some time off, there is nothing worse than trying to take care of kids when you are that sick.

    This has GOT to be it for you guys, seriously!!!

  6. OMGosh i was wondering. How horrible. feel better soon and get some rest.

  7. No fun! I hate it when we get the stomach flu. It is the worst kind of sick! I would rather have a cold than be throwing up!

    Hope you are all getting back to feeling fine!

  8. Hope you are feeling better. I hear that one is a real doozie! Those are never fun especially when mommy and kiddos have it!!!!!!!!!!!!


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