oops... oh well it's cute still

Over the last 3.5 years, I have taken countless pictures of my boys. I have even been known to carry my camera around in my pocket during the day. I take picture of them doing normal day to day things, special occasions, and just moments that I want to cherish. I also often take pictures to show Richard funny moments from the day. I want to share the little things that go on during the day with him.

Now, I do not pose any of my pictures, first of all I have a 3.5 and almost 2 year old... posed pictures don't really work with them, second of all... I just like those pictures of real life. But, when you take pictures of just anything and everything you are bound to find some pictures that are just... well off. I've had my share of blurry pictures, backs of heads, a child running out of the frame and so many other oops.

But on occasion some of these end up being decent pictures.

Here are a few examples from the other day (these are taken on the same day and they are NOT cropped at all)
Colby was into putting a WHOLE sheet of stickers on his pajamas and Blake was wearing a pair of toddler sunglasses that he found somewhere

Got to love when an oops picture ends up decent.



  1. Yes, we have many oops pics too! But, I still keep them because they are cute!

    Great pics. Gotta love stickers!

  2. They are both so cute. I love the shades and the stickers everywhere is so funny.

  3. I have a picture of Jillian trying real food for the first time where she was supposed to be smiling. Well apparently she got a bitter taste or something and her face twisted up like a pretzel right as I snapped. It is still one of my favorite "oops" pictures.

  4. great pics!
    i have some really "un posed" shots too that have turned out much better than i thought!

  5. Sometimes the best pictures I get are the ones of my boys just doing what they do every day.


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