Back to normal?

Hmmm what is normal. I'm not sure I know anymore. We took the boys to the doctors today. Colby had his 2 year check-up and Blake had a re-check from the ER visit this weekend.

Colby is doing well. He had to have two shots, but that should be the end of the shots until he gets ready for kindergarten.

Blake is doing better too. She said his tonsils looked a lot better, now we just have to convince him that he can eat normally again. But it is nice to see his fevers gone, his throat not throbbing and his mood... well ok that isn't quite back to normal yet.

The challenge with Blake is he is a structure and routine kind of child. So when he gets sick and has to stay home he is off schedule. Guess what else happens this week,... school ends. Tomorrow is his last day of speech in the public school so that means his schedule will change until August. Guess we will have to find some fun and exciting things to do this summer.

One interesting turns of Blake not feeling well is he has been napping the last few days. Hmmm wonder if we can keep this up even after he is feeling himself again? It has been a nice break for me. He has also been going to bed around 6:15 and there have been nights that I could have put him down earlier. I won't hold my breath for him asking to go to bed early much longer.

I didn't have a new recipe this weekend. To be honest we didn't do much cooking at all this weekend, but I think it is slightly understandable. There should be a new recipe next Tuesday as I have a new recipe planned for Colby's party which is scheduled for Saturday (yes, one week late, but it works... right?)



  1. i would say you have had your fair share of a full plate lately!
    hopefully everything is returning to "normal" soon. whatever that may be!

  2. Well glad to hear that Colby is well and that Blake is on the mend. Hope the naps continue. Those are nice breaks.

  3. So glad to hear that Blake is feeling better! Sounds like things are slowly getting back to normal-ish.

  4. Naps are wonderful, but not because he doesn't feel well. Hope Blake is back to himself soon.

  5. Sounds like he is on the mend. Jillian still needs and wants her afternoon nap, although I have been trying to break her of it. This is how I know she needs it!!

  6. Glad things are looking up.


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