Let me tell you a story

I recently decided to bring out all my books on tape for the boys. I actually have a tape player in my car... which is sort of shocking since it is only a 5 year old car. I started by playing them on our drives. The boys LOVED this. My parents then bought Colby a new radio for the playroom with a tape deck. This has brought both boys loads of joy. They get so excited putting in a new story, but even more excited about putting in a story they've heard over and over.

At this time I do not have the books out with the tapes. I have done this for a variety of reasons. I didn't take the books out for the car because I didn't want them fighting over who got the book. I haven't brought them into the playroom because... well there are too many of them to pull them all out. I have been choosing a few of their favorites to put in the pile for bedtime books.

Blake has blown my mind lately with his ability to recall these stories. He can recite many of them with and without the books. He even tells you the author and what noise you hear for the page turns... hahaha!

The other night I heard Blake reciting Caps for Sale as he settled himself down for bed.

Colby has also learned many of these stories. He knows bits and pieces of each one and exactly where his favorite lines are said in the story.

But, the thing that really peeked my interest was the fact that the other day while they were playing in the playroom Blake was using imaginative play. Now you might say... what's unusual about that... nothing. Butttt, while he was playing he was talking in the way that a book is written. "Oh no Thomas is stuck. 'I'll help you' said Percy." Yes... that is a direct quote from Blake. And no it is not a quote from a story he heard. This went on for a good 10 minutes different scenarios, but still written in book style... hmmm maybe he will be an author when he grows up??



  1. I caught avery the other night reading Quinn his elmo book and flipping pages. it melted my heart....and he even did it with all the drama i put it it! we have some books on tape(actually cd) right now its polar express and before it was courderoy

  2. Too cute! I often hear my boys reciting parts of books that we often read together. It's so cute to hear them tell the story in their little fun voices!

  3. That is too cute and I do think you have a very bright little author on your hands. So smart.

  4. Precious! Lily loves her books and has many memorized (even when we haven't read it in months!) I don't have any books on tape or on CD - but what a great idea! Our CD player in the car doesn't work, but we have one in the house. And how sweet about Blake playing like that! I love it!

  5. How fun!

    I have found my four year old "reading" books to his younger brother word for word. What a great memory he has!

    I totally need to get some books on CD. That would be fun.


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