Dinner challenges

Ugh! What is more challenging than trying to feed two picky eaters with one meal? Blake is doing a lot better at trying everything on his plate. I typically have only one new or un-liked item on each plate. So that means my battles with him are limited.

Colby now that's a whole other story. With him I try to get at least one item on the plate that I know he likes and then cross my fingers that he will eat some of that. We've decided to try the you must eat 2 bites before getting down with him... man that is never a fun power struggle. Oh well... the kid needs to eat.

Oh why oh why does life have to be so tough sometimes?

Quick update on the weekend... yeah not my favorite long weekend. I was the one under the weather this time. I started to get a low-grade fever Friday night shortly after putting the kids to bed and it was downhill from there. I never go seriously sick, but did play the fever game of chills, aches, over tired all that you just feel worn down and like major crap. Not my favorite way to spend a weekend, but it would have been worse if I was dealing with it and trying to care for the boys on my own.

Goals for tomorrow:
--clean the boys bathroom (this has to get done a lot more now)
--type up my Tasty Tuesday recipe since I don't feel like typing it tonight which is what I usually do
--continue to convince Blake that he can poop on the toilet and go without being told (this is getting a little better?)
--do some kind of abs workout
--take the boys outside to play in the pool
--convince Colby to take 2 bites at dinner without a major meltdown



  1. Oh Lori, I hear you on the dinner struggles. Ryan is SO picky. He won't touch a veggie unless he's in a weird mood and sometimes won't eat anything. It's no fun. I feel you on the power struggle. Let me know if you find something that works. We're trying our best over here too!

  2. My son was a picky eater.......and still is at 23 years old. Some people are just picky.

  3. I have 2 picky eaters myself! I figure there are 2 battles NOT worth fighting... food and the toilet! way less stress not fighting them!! anyway... as they have gotten older I "make" them eat more from the "not my favorite" list! ha ha! But we did / do the hot dogs for one sliced ham for the other kind of dinners... one likes oatmeal the other does not... one likes berries the other bananas... at least they will both eat fairly healthy! ha ha! Hope it gets easier for you soon!

  4. I think most parents can relate to stories of picky eaters! We have had some great dinners recently with no meltdowns - but sometimes, she just refuses - even to things that usually eats well. Sheesh. My issue is that I used to cater to her - if she wouldn't eat what I made, then I'd make her something else (usually mac-n-cheese or PB&J) - but I'm learning to stop being a short-order cook and she's learning to eat more! :) They'll get there. Although, my brother is 25 and is still a crazy picky eater.

  5. My boys are still kind of picky and our rule is the same as yours, you have to try it. And they do learn to like things, I can attest to that but sometimes the power struggle to get them to try it is not worth it! I get tired...and I know that as I aged, my diet expanded exponentially.

    Hope you are feeling better, no fun to be sick over the holiday weekend!

  6. Ugh. I hate the dinner struggle! My 4 year old eats whatever, but the 3 year old and the youngest don't! They have to eat as many bites as their age before they leave the table...but it's exhausting sometimes!

    Hope you are feeling better today.

  7. Try adding a picky husband to that mix. Both my girls are extremely picky and my husband is almost worse! I hate cooking!


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