goals day 4

Today's goals:
--Meeting with the financial adviser then lunch with Richard
--Drink my 80oz again, could be more difficult since I'll be out for part of the day
--Try to convince Blake that he CAN poop in the toilet
--Bring the boys outside to play

Well other than trying to convince Blake to poop on the toilet I was successful today. It was nice to enjoy lunch with Richard. Life seems to get busy so often that slowing down for a quick lunch is always a treat, and to eat out... even better!

I also found time to clean the 3 bathrooms today... another thing that gets nasty during the potty training process.

Tomorrow's goals:
--take the boys to story time at the library
--work on helping Blake learn his own signals and not me watching for them
--clean the house for my in-laws visit
--make desert
--create a grocery list (yes I just went the other day, but we only planned through Thursday night)
--go to the grocery store



  1. I need to do the clean the house thing for my house guests tomorrow.
    I am so lazy though.
    I need to add that to my list. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. i really don't know what i was thinking when i bought a house with 3 bathrooms...so at least im not the only one!

  3. Story time at the library sounds like a lot of fun. Tidying is definitely a daily thing that goes on overdrive when visitors come!

  4. How are you gearing yourself up for the 80oz? That's my hardest part is consuming that much water in one day.. it's terrible and I know I should drink a TON more than I do. Do you use crystal light or anything in it?


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