goals day 5

Today's goals:
--take the boys to story time at the library
--work on helping Blake learn his own signals and not me watching for them
--clean the house for my in-laws visit
--make desert
--create a grocery list (yes I just went the other day, but we only planned through Thursday night)
--go to the grocery store

Well I actually did better than I thought I did today. I didn't clean the clutter today. I haven't figured out how to convince Blake that he can recognize his own needs to pee... we will get there.

Story time was great. The story teller was really good and what Blake really liked was the fact that she read Caps for Sale, which you've heard Blake recite. She actually pulled him up and had him help tell the story. I didn't have my camera, but trust me I'll bring it next time. Yes, I could have taken a pic with my phone's camera, but those are well... not as good. We will certainly be going back again next Friday.

I'm not going to set goals this weekend. But, will be back soon with goal making. Hope you have a great weekend... and for all my American readers (see I know some of you aren't from USA).... Happy 4th!



  1. Good job Lori! My mom actually took Ryan to our library for story time today too! My hubby and I are in Key West for a much needed vacation. Our storyteller today wasn't very good though from what I heard. Oh well! At least they rotate! I am so glad your storyteller read one of Blake's favorite books. Ryan is just now getting into having favorites. I love it!

  2. We love story time and we love the book capse fo sale. I hope that you have a great 4th of july with family.

  3. yay! Have a great weekend, too! Lily loves story time, too - we haven't been a while, though. I should look up the new summer schedule.


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