goals day 7

Today's goals:
--go to BJ's
--play outside with the boys
--continue potty training goals
--continue working on dinner issues
--vacuum house

I did go to BJ's... and was shocked by the bill... not sure why I knew what I was spending. So when I got home I decided to figure out just what I spend on meat. I won't give you the grand total, but I will tell you that when I broke it down into servings I spend $3.95 a meal on meat... I'll take that. Many of my meals stretch the meat for more than one meal, and even still you can't spend that little and go out. And that is a meal for the 4 of us... not a meal for 1 person.

Blake is doing a lot better on the pee part of potty training. I can't remember the last time he had a pee accident, and today I didn't have to remind him to go other than when he first got up in the morning and right before we left the house... I'll take that. He is also going through the night dry, but I'm not ready to test out that theory in underwear just yet. Now if anyone can convince him that he CAN poop on the toilet too.. I'm open to help!

Colby ate more dinner tonight than he has all week. I can't say I offered anything different, guess he finally figured out he was hungry? I'll take it.

As for abs... yeah well that didn't happen, unless I do them before bed. I did decide to steam clean the rug in the master bedroom which meant moving more furniture. I was too lazy to move the bed and both of our bureaus, but I moved everything else... does that count as a workout? It does in my book.

Tomorrow's goals:
--strip the beds and wash all the sheets
--clean the ceiling fans... man they get nasty
--stop at the store to get apples... Blake is eating 2 a day lately, maybe he heard that an apple a day keeps the doctor away?
--do an art project or bake with Colby (unless he wants to spend his whole morning outside which is fine too)
--relax a bit during nap time?



  1. Great job! I met all my goals today too and was excited. I usually get my meat at Albertson's on Tuskawilla Rd. They have super sales on their meat and we go once a month and stock up. We live pretty close to BJ's so we get our milk there. It's so much cheaper than Publix. Glad you had a good day!

  2. Yay! And moving furniture is an equal exchange for ab workout, right? :) Will Blake only poop in pullups? Maybe he'll poop in the pullup while sitting on the potty? Maybe?


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