goals day 8

Today's goals:
--strip the beds and wash all the sheets
--clean the ceiling fans... man they get nasty
--stop at the store to get apples... Blake is eating 2 a day lately, maybe he heard that an apple a day keeps the doctor away?
--do an art project or bake with Colby (unless he wants to spend his whole morning outside which is fine too)
--relax a bit during nap time?

Wow I finished my goals before dinner tonight. I did get everything done, well almost everything done today. I ended up doing 3 loads of laundry instead of one. I didn't clean Colby's fan blades since he was napping when I did the other ones, but I'll have to have Richard do that one anyway.

I ended up baking with Colby this evening since you read about our morning adventures already, if not check here. So while Blake was watching tv, Colby and I baked peanut butter cookies... yummy!

Tomorrow's goals:
--story time at the library
--boy's laundry (hopefully that is my only load tomorrow)
--steam clean my shower
--try not to get overheated with the heatwave coming in tomorrow



  1. Good for you getting them all done. That was a great goal list too. 2 apples a day? Wow that is awesome.

  2. Oh I would almost give anything for a peanut butter cookie!! ha ha! but I am NOT baking in this heat! ha ha! it kills me to make ice tea (boiling water!) he he!!


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