goals day 9

Today's goals:
-story time at the library
--boy's laundry (hopefully that is my only load tomorrow)
--steam clean my shower
--try not to get overheated with the heatwave coming in tomorrow

I am proud to say that I again accomplished all my goals, even the one of limited my laundry to one load... lol.

I will not set goals for the weekends since they tend to be up in the air as a norm. I like to have the weekends as a time to do everything and nothing so I don't usually make goals for myself, but have plans for the whole family.

I have actually enjoyed doing the goal planning. As a teenager and young adult I set a lot of goals for myself. Those who know me in person know that there is very little that I set my mind to and not accomplish. I am very goal oriented and driven. I have found that when I type these goals up I provide myself not only motivation, but a purpose each day. Before doing this I accomplished many of these tasks, but didn't always see them as accomplishments. Now I can do my goals and then not feel guilty for spending the rest of the day hanging out with the boys. I don't feel guilty for picking up my book while they play outside or watching tv while Colby naps. I like the fact that my goals are all over the place and that it's ok. I like the fact that some are actual tasks and others are more feelings or wishes.

I hope you are enjoying my posts and aren't totally bored with them already. I know a few people have said it has motivated them to create their own daily goals.

Oh and be watching for more workout goals as Richard and I just got a new copy of P90X... time to get back in shape (o:


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  1. Love it when I meet my goals too. I am so motivated by lists and goals. Great job. I need to steam clean my shower too.


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