We had a fun and busy weekend this weekend. Richard ended up working on Saturday, but that was fine as the boys and I went to the grocery store and then played outside. We did get a bike ride in on Saturday night after dinner.

Sunday Richard went on a long bike ride on his own and the boys and I played at home. We went to a friend's house for dinner which was a nice treat for all 4 of us. When we got home there was a peacock in our neighbors front yard... talk about crazy. I ran Blake home to go the bathroom and came out to find the bird in our garage...even crazier!


Tomorrow's goals:
--get up at 5am and start p90x again
--vacuum before Blake's speech teacher gets here
--re-convince Blake that he can pee without being told
--remember that the pest people are coming in the afternoon
--contact the center that we are considering switching Blake to for preschool



  1. Thanks for reminding me to set my goals!

  2. Dinner with friends is always fun but having a peacock visit is a special treat. :)
    Good luck with waking up at 5am. Wow you are motivated.

  3. A peacock...that's different. Fun though


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