changes with time

Now that my boys are getting a bit older I realize how old I have gotten too. This weekend we were at the playground and Blake wanted to try and cross the monkey bars. I could help him do it, but could not do it myself for the life of me. When I was a child I could do it with ease many times in a row. Where did my upper body strength go?

Today they were playing with a string and Blake wanted to try to jump rope. Now granted this was a light weight string that I just doubled over, but I won't tell you how many tries it took me to jump over it with my feet together. Jumping rope was something I loved to do as a child. What happened to this coordination?

When you are a child these things seem so simple, so much a part of life. They are things you struggle with when you are little and do not have the strength and coordination, but you know that as you get older you can do it. So when do you cross that line from being old enough to do it and too old that you can't?

Oh the joys of getting older... lol!



  1. HAHA...I can totally relate! Last year I tried showing my boys how to sumersault....I pulled every muscle in my neck and shoulders! OY! Never again.

  2. Monkey bars are impossible when you are over 20! Can't be done.

    And skipping? Torture for grown ups. We do it at my boot camp and a minute just about kills me!

  3. OH I feel sooo old lately. It's terrible!


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