goals day 10

Today's goals:
--get up at 5am and start p90x again
--vacuum before Blake's speech teacher gets here
--re-convince Blake that he can pee without being told
--remember that the pest people are coming in the afternoon
--contact the center that we are considering switching Blake to for preschool

Ok well... 3 out of 5 ain't bad... right?

We didn't get up at 5am because we didn't get to sleep early enough. Well let's amend that we did, but someone decided we didn't need to sleep early enough. Blake had a coughing fit and then a bad dream before I tried to go to bed... never a good sign. After I'd gone in two more times we reset the alarm for 6am. I was up 1 more time with him. The worst part is he sleeps through the coughing and the dreams, but I always go and check on him anyway. We are going to try to do the ab workout tonight after the boys go to bed.

I'm not sure I convinced him that he knows when to pee. I hate going 3 steps forward then 2 steps back. Come on you'd mastered this stop and go pee thing... we only needed to work on the poop issue... now you can't start peeing your pants.

Tomorrow's goals:
--get up at 5am to do p90x... hmmm lets see what happens this time
--remember that the pest people are coming back (it started pouring when they got here... so much for that treatment)
--clean bathrooms
--watch tv shows while Colby naps
--stop and pick up milk at the store (does anyone else have to do this ALL the time??)



  1. We use a ton of milk. Mike and I go through 3 gallons a week (just the 2 of us) and Ryan goes through a 1/2 gallon a week. It's crazy!! We get ours at BJ's because it's way cheaper!

  2. I buy 3 or 4 at a time...but if I don't make it to the grocery store then that is the one thing I am running out for.
    Poor guy I hope the coughing fit was just a fluke and he is not sick.

  3. First of all - good for you for trying to do p90x. I've watched Adam do it and I break a sweat and get crampy just watching him. Maybe when I get to the point when I actually start to *like* working out, then I'll try it. I really really hate it and it's taking a lot for me to be disciplined to do what I do do!

  4. Potty training is so hard!

    I am planning on starting with my little guy next month and am not really looking forward to it!

    Keep up the exercising! You are awesome!


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