what a night

I didn't have a recipe to post today since I well I didn't make anything new this weekend. (and sad to say I probably won't have one next week either, but we will see) I composed a great blog post in my head last night while I was falling asleep, but couldn't tell you for the life of me what it was about today.

Last night was one of those nights that you don't want to repeat. Richard was up late working. He worked at the office until almost 6:30pm, got home in time for bedtime. After we got the boys in bed we had dinner, sort of, it was a fend for yourself kind of night as neither of us was really hungry. It took until almost 8:15pm to convince Colby that he should go to bed. Then Richard started working and worked until midnight. Just as he was getting ready to come to bed... Colby started coughing and crying. This woke me up.

After putting him in the shower, we decided to give him a breathing treatment. Oh joy... NOT. But, it seemed to work and that was a good thing. Ok he's settled, now to try to fall back to sleep... ever notice this takes twice as long as going to sleep the first time?

Fast forward to 4:12am... no! Blake is now crying and talking in his sleep. Ok go check on him. Settle him down and go back to bed. 4:45am Blake is now crying and really upset. Back across the house to settle him again. This time took a bit longer.

I didn't even hear the alarm go off or Richard get up and take a shower. I got up and took a shower and thought... now I'm going to have to take Blake to school because he will never get up in time to leave with Richard... but, I was happily shocked that he was up and getting dressed when I got to the kitchen.

So Colby and I had a slow morning, but I never did come up with something fantastic to blog about... so you got to read about my crazy night instead.



  1. hope you get to sleep better tonight! we had both boys and the dog in our bed last night!

  2. Oh no....one of THOSE nights! I hope you get some rest today and a better sleep tonight!

  3. Sorry you had such a rough night. I hope tonight is better and everyone gets some rest!

  4. Yuck! Sure hope things are much more like normal tonight.

  5. Oh no! Hope your day was smoother and you got some rest and you get some better sleep tonight!

  6. Oh how i have had those nights. Thankfully not for some time. Although Stunt Man gets up atleast once a night to use the bathroom and if we don't get up with him...he might pee in the tub like he did the other night we got up a few seconds too late. LOL
    Hope you get better rest tonight.

  7. Nights like that are never fun. Sorry to hear it was a rough one.


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