Bittersweet Moment

Today was Blake's last session with his speech teacher that he has been using since he was 2 years 4 months old. When he began working with Jen, he hardly communicating at all. She taught him to sign and from there helped him overcome his speech issues. She was the one who encouraged us to have his tongue tie clipped which was the best thing we ever did for him verbally. She helped us help him to learn to articulate his thoughts. In the time she worked with him he learned to speak, he learned to speak clearly, and now we can't get him to stop talking. He can recite stories, he speaks in paragraphs and says multi-syllabic words.

It blows my mind how much he has improved in the last year, but to look back at where he started with her... wow!

We decided that we no longer needed to pay out of pocket for him to recieve these one-on-one services, as he goes twice a week to the public school for speech too. We have decided that he has progressed so well under her guidance that he is ready to move on. This is such a bittersweet decision... she has played a huge roll in this development and it is because she did such a good job that we no longer need her services.

Blake and I (and Colby too actually) will miss seeing Ms. Jen each week, but we know that there are other children out there who will certainly benefit from her guidance and wisdom, her love and her caring, her knowledge and the skills she will provide to help them.

Today's goals:
-- go to the Y with the boys in the morning [check]
-- take Blake to speech at TLE (out local elementary school) [check... next time I must remember to have Blake go to the bathroom at home before we go... OOPS!]
-- menu plan (I have to move grocery day and I'm going to test out Tuesdays this week) [check, I actually did the plan on Monday night, but made the grocery list today]
-- strip the beds, wash the sheets, re-make the beds [check]

Tomorrow's goals:
-- go to the Y... not sure which class I'll go to yet
-- laundry... anyone else feel like this is an every day goal?
-- go to the grocery store
-- post my Tasty Tuesday recipe
-- make tacos for dinner

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  1. Isn't it amazing how one person can impact a child's life so much! What a special lady.

  2. That is so great that he had such success! It makes all the difference to have a wonderful teacher! Yay Blake!

  3. Yeah Blake! Congrats on making so much progress!!!

  4. That is fantastic that he has progressed so well and I can totally understand how it is bittersweet to say goodbye to the one who helped make it happen.

    Great memories though!


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