Did I do anything today?

Ok yes, I know I did things today, but when I look at my to do list... well I didn't do so well. The boys and I went to the playground this morning and played longer than I had planned. It was actually nice out and there was a father there with his three sons (my guess is ages 6, 4, and 3). The boys had a great time playing together. His middle son had been stung by a wasp just before we got there, I was shocked they stayed after that, but he seemed to be ok. He took a liking to me and kept trying to get me to go sit down with him at the picnic tables, ummm yeah that's not happening.

Then we headed to Publix and the boys did pretty good shopping. I totally forgot my list at home, but did a pretty good job remembering what I needed to get, and of course bought extra stuff. Does anyone else find they do that? I make a list and get the stuff on the list and more. I do pick up stuff on their buy one get one sales that we use on a regular basis (this week I picked up cereal and chips). I only buy things that we would normally buy another time. I figure what's the difference if it is sitting on their shelf or in my pantry?

The three of us spent a lot of time just playing together, just having fun. Ok, so I didn't clean the bathrooms or mop the floors (I should do that now, but I don't feel like it), but we did play upstairs in the loft, draw pictures that we hung up for Richard's return, throw the football around and so much more. To me that is so much more important. My house is lived in. It is comfortable. It is far from perfect and that's fine with me. Don't get me wrong it is clean, I would never qualify for Clean House as I could NEVER live in clutter, but it isn't perfect. There are toys out, the penisula is covered again, you will find dust on the furniture and baseboards. But, you will never hear me tell my sons they can't do something because it is too dirty. You will never hear me tell people they can't do something because it is messy. People feel comfortable to be themselves in our house... isn't that what makes a house a home?

Today's goals:

--groceries (check)
--wash towels again since the boys keep spilling water everywhere so I have a huge pile of kitchen towels on the laundry room floor (ok this I did... they are still in the dryer, but they are clean and dry... that counts for something.... right?
--gym? not holding my breath on this. may have to give my knee a few more days... boo hiss! (yeah... I decided that isn't happening until Monday, but my knee is feeling a bit better ... knock on wood)
--get outside with the boys (big check!)
--mop the kitchen floor (ummm... nope)
--clean the bathrooms  (ummm... nope)

Tomorrow's goals:
--bring Blake to school in the morning and remember to replenish his change of clothes
--pick Richard up from the airport!!!
--bring Richard home so he can get his truck and go to work... booo!
--go get my first mammogram (think of me around 4pm)
--relax with my husband


  1. sounds like a pretty productive day! ill try to remember to think of you around 4! and goodluck!

  2. yep... my house is LIVED in too!! I can't unlive it for even an hour!! =) *sigh* laughing about the pick nick table boy!! he he!!

  3. I cannot go to a store with my kids without a list. ADD kicks in way too fast and so does the short term memory. I have to have a list...even then it is iffy. LOL

  4. I always buy stuff that's not on my list. Even when i swear I'm only going in for the things on my list...well lets just say it happens all the time. I also am a firm believer that a clean house is not nearly as important as the moments you spend living in it. Sounds like you had a great day.


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