Up and down day here

Wow what a busy day and yet we didn't have much going on for most of the day... yes I know that is pretty much an oxymoron, but read on and you'll understand.

Blake was very excited to start his first day, he actually woke up BEFORE I crawled out of bed today (I didn't get up as early as I have been since I wasn't going to workout). He had a pretty good morning and was psyched to get into the car and head to his new school. When we brought him to the room where he goes first thing in the morning they were lined up to go to breakfast and he looks at me and says "I'm going to get in line, bye" That was the end of that.

Colby and I headed home and had breakfast and a few other things then I brought him to the gym for parent/child fitness (geared for children ages 1-4). He had a lot of fun. They had about 10 stations set up and did that for a while and then did parachute play. He enjoyed participating with the other children too.

It was nice to bring him home and put him down for a nap knowing that I didn't have to wake him up to go get Blake. We are going to work on pushing his nap to 11/11:30 now. We had him going down around 10:30 before because I'd have to wake him on Tues/Thurs to get Blake from the other day care. It also meant that I could sit down and relax for a bit too. Ok I should have been cleaning, but... I didn't want to!

We picked up Blake a bit after 3pm. He was doing a movement class when I got there and let him finish. He was excited to see us, but was even happier when I said he could finish. When they were done he wanted to get in line with his class and go back to class. He looked at Colby and said, "Get in line Colby, we have to go back to class". His teacher and the assistant director both commented to me about how well he assimilated into the new class. That made me very happy!

Tonight at bedtime was tough. The boys were both tired. We had had baths, cleaned and were getting ready for stories when Richard called to say goodnight (he does that whenever he can't be home for bedtime). The boys seemed to have a harder time with him not being here tonight. Blake told me he was going to wait up for Daddy to get home. Colby asked me "Daddy home night night?" Then when I checked on him later he said "I hear him, he here" "Who?" "Daddy, he here, I hear him!" Broke my heart. But at least he will be home soon enough, ok not soon enough, but soon.

Today's goals:
-Bring Blake to his new day care for the first day! (check)
--remember to bring all the paperwork, change of clothes, checks etc with me to drop Blake off!! (check)
--As about the schedule of Blake's class so I can figure out what time to pick him up (check... sort of)
--vacuum the backseat of my car, I don't even want to think about what is back there (check)
--get to the gym? that is a big question mark as right now I'm wearing my knee brace and can barely bare weight on my right knee. But, I want to get back in for if anything to keep up the progress of helping Colby adjust to going. (well I got to the gym, but only so Colby could go to his class.. still no working out for me)
--remember to put the recycling out before bed (they get here EARLY on Wednesday mornings)... got to go put the trash out tonight as soon as Colby gives in and goes to sleep (oops... still need to do this, well have to wait for Colby to fall asleep before opening the garage, but I'll do it!)
--cook dinner... I didn't tonight since I didn't have anything planned so we had a "what do you want to eat" kind of night. (sort of.  I made frozen chicken tenders, homemade oven fries, and green beans)

Tomorrow's goals:
--wash towels again since the boys keep spilling water everywhere so I have a huge pile of kitchen towels on the laundry room floor
--gym?  not holding my breath on this.  may have to give my knee a few more days... boo hiss!
--get outside with the boys
--mop the kitchen floor
--clean the bathrooms



  1. It is hard when Daddy is not home and their schedules seem messed up for that reason. So glad Blake is doing well.
    I need to set some goals today. I have done nothing these past few days. Ugh.

  2. Busy, busy! Sorry to hear about your knee, I hope it gets better soon. Glad to hear Blake is habing fun at his class!


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